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Keywan Ilanloo was born in Tehran in 1979, he is originally from East Azerbaijan, and it might be the reason for him to return to that region years later for weaving his carpets.

He studied interior architecture in Tehran. His keen interest in entrepreneurship prompted him to set up his own construction company in Tehran. A company that still operates in Iran.

In 1999, he immigrated to Germany to continue his studies and gain more skills in the field of interior architecture.

Keywan Ilanloo

While studying in Germany, he began to work with carpet merchants in the Bavarian region because of his keen interest in carpet and handicrafts. Traders in that area also offered their customers services such as carpet cleaning and darning along with selling carpets. Keywan Ilanloo has always dreamed of having an independent company, a dream that came true eight years later and the Ilanloo Carpet Service Company, officially known as K.I.Teppichservice, began operating in Munich, Germany in 2008.

The company has expanded its operations gradually and expanded its branches rapidly in less than 10 years. The commendable diligence of Keywan Ilanloo left less room for the rivals and eventually led to the purchase of their companies.

The company currently has 4 branches in Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Albstadt and Olching and has 50 staff ready to serve customers.

K.I.Teppichservice's main job is to provide services in cleaning and darning genuine and valuable carpet professionally. The company has also been selling carpets during these years along with these services.

Personal interest as well as many experience gained over the years in Germany led Keywan Ilanloo to produce carpets. His main idea in this work was to show the original Iranian culture and art and to modify it according to modern needs. The idea that eventually led to the creation and production of handmade carpets called Keywancarpet. His great interest in his native land prompted him to begin production in Iran.

Finally, in 2015, he has gathered a dedicated and creative team of Iranian experts, designers, weavers and dyers and began his production work.

And today, after three years of team effort, the company offers its first product collection. It is hoped that these carpets are a start for a new season in Iranian handmade carpet products.

Design is a thought or idea that quickens in the mind of the designer and enriches it through the color after the design and animates it. We use colors on the carpet to evoke good feelings in the viewer's mind. We artfully use traditional designs and exhibit a fusion of art and imagination with modern thinking. We design along with modern life, without being forgetting the principles of design. We design with the knowledge of indigenous culture. We use traditional design, but we present the content within it with artistic quality that are the flowers and motifs used in our work, and this look differentiates our carpets.

We are aware of the specific themes in the motifs and we know the reasons for using each motif on the carpet because we are familiar with our culture. Knowledge of colors and their combination lead us to use colors wisely, since dying is a separate category of design. Although both design and dying are intertwined in the creation of the work, the independent identity of each compels us to employ the professionals of each craft and to use their experiences. The output of our work, which is the deliberate use of professional painters, dyers and weavers, brings a product that is unique in its kind, meets market needs and has a mere conscious glance on Iran's rich tradition and culture.


تیم KEYWAN CARPETS متشکل از افراد شایسته ای است که انگیزه و اشتیاق شما برای این هنر زیبا را دو چندان میکند.
برای تولید یک آیتم منحصر به فرد جذاب که مشتریان ما هر روز بتوانند از آن لذت ببرند, دو طراح باتجربه در پشت هر طراحی مجموعه ما است.

Maryam Riahi

Maryam ist studierte Grafik- und Teppichdesignerin im Iran und seit 17 Jahren in diesem Bereich tätig.

Afsaneh Khoramshahi

Afsaneh studierte Grafik- und Teppichdesign im Iran und übt diese Tätigkeit seit 15 Jahren aus. Sie lebt derzeit in Australien.

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